The features of the Homework Journal are as follows:

  1. Supports text input and photo input;
  2. Allows directly taking photos of the homework journal of each class with mobile phones;
  3. Allows setting up template texts in advance to speed up the input of homework content;
  4. Displays an explanation table for homework content to help parents understand the meaning of abbreviations;
  5. The administrator can set which grades' homework to display.
  6. Customizable homework classification;
  7. Allows setting up academic directors and department heads for setting grading rights;
  8. Defines the calculation method of regular scores, including the number of homework assignments to be scored and the selection method, such as taking the top 5 scores of homework assignments;
  9. Homework grading table;
  10. Generates various reports, including statistics on the number of homework assignments and comparisons of the number of homework assignments given by each teacher.
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