Features of Activity Enrollment :

  1. Schools can input activity information, including time and venue, and allow students to register online. Students can also input their preferences for activities to facilitate selection.
  2. In addition to allowing students to register, teachers can also designate participants.
  3. If teachers want to recommend students but also want to allow students to register on their own, they can prioritize recommended students for activity selection.
  4. The number of students participating in activities can be limited by quantity or quota, and different activity participation limits can be set for each grade level.
  5. Schools can limit the number of preferences students can select during activity registration.
  6. Schools can choose whether to enable overlap detection to prevent students from participating in conflicting activities.
  7. Schools can decide whether new activities added by teachers require approval.
  8. Quotas can be set to limit the number of students holding positions in school associations.
  9. Similar activities can be categorized into an "activity family" to simplify the appearance of activity names in formal reports.
  10. Multiple activities held at the same time are often grouped together, so that students can only participate in one activity group.
  11. Activity groups will have set dates and grade levels for registration.
  12. Activities can have the following attributes: activity name, description, activity time (multiple), nature (school team, association, one-time activity), activity family, other learning experiences, venue, operator, department, responsible teacher (multiple), quotas, dress requirements, transportation arrangements, funding acceptance, allowed student grade levels and genders, quota occupancy, maximum number of participants per grade level, fees, notes, and whether they will be displayed in formal reports, and more.
  13. After registration is complete, the responsible teacher can manually select students or use automatic selection to let the system arrange which students participate in which activities.
  14. If the teacher chooses to manually select students, they will see a list of selected participants, indicating whether they were recommended and whether they received funding.
  15. If two activities are not located in the same activity group but should not be participated in simultaneously, they can be set as "mutually exclusive activities."
  16. Attendance can be taken online immediately during activities, or data can be recorded in Excel and uploaded in bulk after all activities are completed.
  17. After registration and selection are completed, the responsible teacher can manually modify the final participation results.
  18. The responsible teacher can record the positions and performance of students, including comments, reward points, and other learning experience hours.
  19. In addition to positions within activities, schools can also add other positions for students to apply for, which can then be assigned by the responsible teacher.
  20. Activities in which students participate and activities in which teachers are responsible will appear on the schedule.
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