Features of workload design:

  1. Setting whether to allow teachers to choose their own work preferences.
  2. Administrators can set the following restrictions: weekly class workload, weekly non-class workload hours, number of teaching grades, number of teaching subjects.
  3. Customization of non-class duties.
  4. Before the start of the academic year, teachers fill out their preferred grades and subjects to teach, as well as their responsibilities for non-teaching work. Principals and school administrators assign various tasks based on teachers' preferences.
  5. Generation of a master schedule, listing the teachers assigned to each grade and subject.
  6. Generation of individual work schedules, listing all assigned tasks for a specific teacher, as well as the total weekly working hours.
  7. During task assignment, administrators can view real-time information on the working hours of each staff member.
  8. Data export in CSV format.
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