Features of meeting management:

  1. Customizable meeting nature.
  2. Customizable meeting categories, with designated administrators and viewers.
  3. Customizable agenda categories.
  4. Meetings record the following information: meeting name, department, meeting nature, meeting order, convener, reporter, confidentiality status, meeting date and time, venue, participants, and attendees, etc.
  5. Automatic reservation and approval of meeting venues.
  6. When selecting participants, the system checks their availability to attend the meeting.
  7. Participants' time table display the need to attend the meeting, and push notifications are sent by the information center before the meeting.
  8. Record meeting agendas, including title, content, which agenda it responds to, required time, responsible department, and reporting method.
  9. During discussions, the system automatically records the actual start and end times, as well as the attendance data of participants and attendees.
  10. Report on the progress of the previous meeting and make records.
  11. Record decisions made for each agenda and add tasks related to the agenda.
  12. Newly added tasks record the following information: task category, content, responsible department, person in charge, assistants, deadline, reporting recipient, viewers of the task, whether it needs to be reported in the next meeting, remarks, task issuer, and progress.
  13. After the meeting is completed, the information center sends notifications to all participants through the meeting records.
  14. Tasks added during the meeting can be reported in the system.
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