Features of financial budget process management:

  1. Process budgets by department; department members can be divided into three roles: general member, secretary, and supervisor.
  2. Budgets are divided into general budgets and additional budgets.
  3. In addition to department supervisors having the authority to approve budgets, there are also higher-level approvers for general budgets (such as the principal or superintendent) and approvers for additional budgets.
  4. System administrators need to set the headers and footers for various reports, whether to allow verbal quotations, supplier classifications, material classifications, and procurement work classifications.
  5. Record funding source information, including funding name, total amount, start and end dates.
  6. Procurement plans are generally divided into different levels based on the amount, and the level records the following information: procurement level name, amount range, quantity requirements for verbal quotations, quantity requirements for written quotations, quantity requirements for bidding, users with approval authority, whether to include recording of information such as end time, preparation time before placing an order, and review time.
  7. Set templates for various documents, including bid documents, payment application forms, etc., for automatic generation and sending of required documents to suppliers.
  8. Record supplier information.
  9. Record procurement items, including item category, quantity, estimated amount, funding source, etc. Data can also be imported in batches.
  10. Invite suppliers to provide quotations based on the procurement plan. Quotation data is stored in the system and evaluated by responsible colleagues. Supervisors select suppliers based on the evaluation scores and comments.
  11. Generate quotation acceptance recommendation forms for supervisors to sign.
  12. Record procurement application forms, with items corresponding to the items in the procurement plan. List requirements for each item for itemized evaluation.
  13. Record quotation forms from suppliers, including quotations for each item and whether they meet various requirements.
  14. Generate payment application forms.
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