The Latest News is usually placed in a prominent place on the website, such as on the front page of the website. Its functions are:

  1. Notify viewers (including parents and students) of information that the school considers important, such as tomorrow's holiday, exams, etc.;
  2. The school website has updated content, and a hyperlink will be added to the latest news so that visitors can see the new content.

Features of Latest News:

  1. Support HTML details and have a WYSIWYG content editor; 
  2. Set the display date of the news, including the start display date and the date the news is moved to the archive; 
  3. Display only after being reviewed by designated administrators; 
  4. Can display images; 
  5. Set the title hyperlink; 
  6. Activity date and news release date can be set separately; 
  7. News is divided into three categories: "website updates," "general announcements," and "activity highlights"; 
  8. Can use a TAG system to further classify; 
  9. Can be set to be pinned to the top.
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