Record the information of student activities, including activity name, date, location, details, etc., the most important thing is the photos and attachments of the activity​.

The features of the Event Album are:

  1. Customizable tree structure for event categorization; 
  2. Display of event name, date, details, leader, and venue information; 
  3. Automatic linking to the latest news; 
  4. Must be approved by administrators before being published for public viewing; 
  5. Public download of original photos can be restricted; 
  6. Album filtering through TAG system, visible on other web pages; 
  7. Batch photo uploading; 
  8. System automatically detects photo orientation; 
  9. Administrators can set the quality (jpg file) and maximum size of stored photos; 
  10. After photo upload, easy operations such as rotating (90 degrees), changing the sequence, adding text titles, deleting, etc. are available; 
  11. Photo grouping; 
  12. Link to campus television station; 
  13. Display of attached files; 
  14. Display of hyperlinks.
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