Three Main Products

Content Management System for School

The function is extremely powerful, whether you are a person who does not understand website design at all, or an expert who is proficient in website design, it is suitable for use.


Asset Management System

Help your organization manage fixed assets, keep abreast of the status of assets and related financial information. You can also use it to deal with depreciation, stock taking, and more.


School Admin System

Support all aspects of school administration, such as homework retention, grade analysis, student growth support, staff work arrangements, extracurricular activity registration, leave of absence, etc.

Friendly School Portal System release version 10.32

📡This update includes the following items : 

  1. A green button titled "Add New Content" is added to each build-in content page. This button should make it easier for authorized user to add content;
  2. A new flipbook style is added to Publication section, see example here;
  3. A new tool is added to manage custompage folder's category, it will also show weather this folder is already linked to main menu and shortcut;
  4. A new button is added to main menu for switching display languages.

Please follow these steps for this upgrade : 

  1. Please make sure your FSPS system version is v.10 or newer. If it is older than v10.0, please contact us for upgrade. 
  2. Please send email to friendlyportal@gmail for unzip password;
  3. Download the upgrade file;
  4. Backup the whole website;
  5. Unzip the upgrade file directly into the root folder of website;
  6. Completed. 
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